Your Baby’s Hospital Stay

From security to newborn screenings to neonatology services, Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers have everything your baby needs before and after delivery.

Baby Care

How does baby care begin even before birth?

Dr. Adriena Beatty says they test women when they are 35-36 weeks pregnant for group beta strep, which could harm the baby when they are born.

Ann Schneider, charge nurse, talks about central monitoring, which allows nurses to help monitor babies during labor. The goal is always a safe delivery for both mom and baby, and this is one way they can ensure that a baby isn't in jeopardy.

Is baby photography available at The Center?

Memorial has an optional photography service should parents want pictures of their newborn. In addition, some mothers decide to bring a photographer with them into the delivery room to get pictures during that special time as well.

Explain how The Center handles circumcisions.

Memorial's circumcisions are typically done by the obstetric providers. They usually do them the day after the baby is born. Depending on the doctor, babies are given things to help comfort them such as a local anesthetic, sugar drops, or a pacifier. As soon as the procedure is over, the baby goes back to mom and dad to snuggle.

How do I donate or store cord blood?

Chris Janson, charge nurse, explains that Memorial is part of the cord blood donation program. Patients can sign up before arrival at Memorial or before delivery. The public donation is free of charge but isn't stored for that person's personal use. 

Some people also request private cord blood banking set up ahead of time. Memorial will receive a kit before labor, and it is stored for personal use for that family down the road. This process has a fee.

What kind of security does The Center have for babies?

Memorial has central monitoring, and they've never had a baby leave unexpectedly. The baby has a bracelet that is activated as soon as they are delivered. If a door is ajar too long in The Center, the alarm will sound as well.

What newborn screenings are performed?

Dr. Pat Ittmann of Onsite Neonatal Partners explains that the Onsite team does the hearing screens for all newborns at Memorial. They also take care of a lot of screenings required by the state of Illinois to identify conditions before they become an issue.

When can a baby go home?

Discharge criteria includes the baby being able to breathe without assistance, stay warm, eat, and gain weight.