Breastfeeding Resources

Learn how Memorial's lactation consultants can assist you before your delivery, while you are staying at a Memorial Family Care Birthing Center, and once you are back home with your newborn.

Help with Breastfeeding

When do the lactation consultants talk to new moms?

Sometimes as soon as the baby is delivered, lactation consultants like Debbie Gross will help get the feedings going. Otherwise, first thing in the morning she makes rounds to meet with moms.

Talk about the importance of skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

Angie Mann, OB nurse clinician and nurse educator, said that if a mom delivers vaginally, the baby is able to go right to the mother's chest for skin-to-skin contact, which has a huge impact on the baby's willingness to breastfeed. If a baby can start breastfeeding one to two hours after delivery, that is the imprint time that helps the baby to latch on later.

Ashley had great experiences with our lactation consultants.

Ashley Gutridge called the lactation consultant and was helped multiple times. They taught her baby how to breastfeed as well as taught Ashley what to do. Thanks to Memorial's lactation consultants, she has been able to exclusively breastfeed her baby, Mary, without formula.

Breastfeeding classes offer learning opportunities before the baby comes.

Debbie Gross says that they offer a class in a relaxed atmosphere to allow mothers to ask questions about breastfeeding, including using a pump to continue breastfeeding while working. Participants are also given a book with information.