Dr. Kallie Harrison

Meet Kallie Harrison, MD, an OB/GYN physician with BJC Medical Group of Illinois.

Was there a moment in your life when you knew you wanted to be a physician?

I don't have an "aha" moment that I think a lot of people do. I grew up around physicians. My parents had a couple friends who are physicians, and one in particular just made it seem kind of fascinating. So from a really young age I just remember thinking, "Yeah, that's what I'm going to do," and I never thought twice about it. My earliest thoughts of thinking that I would go into medicine are probably in middle school, definitely in high school. That's just what I was going to do.

What do you focus on with moms during their first pregnancies?

There's a lot of things going on inside of pregnancy. Especially in a first pregnancy, there are a lot of things that change. The mom's body will change. Her psyche will change. Her expectations and how she relates to other people changes. It's really navigating those changes and helping set expectations for what is normal and to be expected, and then also identifying things that might not be normal and maybe things that we need to pay closer attention to or even treat inside of pregnancy. We're just trying to set good expectations and also help patients and women navigate that time where it's like no other time in the rest of their life. It's a very bizarre experience, and most people—until they get pregnant—they don't really think of it that way. Everybody thinks, "Oh, you got pregnant. You have a baby." Everybody's always about the end result, but they don't realize that pregnancy is a journey in itself too. There's a lot of things that change. There's a lot of good and bad things too that maybe don't necessarily get talked about as much. We're just trying to help support her and help her recognize what's normal and what's not and how to deal with the things that are changing and set realistic expectations. 

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I like to play golf. I have a husband and a dog, so I like to hang out with them. I like to work out. I like to shred, and I also go to yoga a lot. Other than that, probably just spending time with my family.

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