Dr. Kelsey Patient Story - Kimberly Mourey-O’Neill

Kimberly Mourey-O'Neill had Dr. Sekou Kelsey deliver both of her babies. Hear why Kimberly enjoyed her experience with Dr. Kelsey at BJC Medical Group of Illinois (formerly known as Memorial Medical Group).

Why do you like Dr. Kelsey?

My doctor was Dr. Kelsey for both of my pregnancies and deliveries, and he's wonderful. He's so calm and zen. He's exactly what you need in the heat of the labor, but yet at the same time he's very energetic and motivating and your cheerleader, so he's amazing. He's the one that got me through both deliveries. My first one was 40 hours with 22 active hours of labor. My second one was 12 hours. They were both inductions. You get to that point where you hit a wall thinking, "Oh my gosh, am I going to be able to do this? I'm gonna have to have an emergency C-section," and somehow his confidence in you just pulled through, and they both came out natural and vaginally, so it is a great experience.

What was Dr. Kelsey like during your pregnancy?

He was very informative. I'm a nurse, so he spoke in medical terms for me, but my husband is not at all medically inclined so he brought it down to lay terms and explained things in detail and was very educated about any kind of question we had. Both of my babies are very large for my 5' 2" frame. I had an 8 pound 8 ounce baby and an 8 pound 6 ounce, so my biggest question was, "Am I going to be able to do this?" And right away, "Absolutely, you can do it. You know, it's going to be fine. You can do vaginal delivery." He was very reassuring. He would do extra ultrasounds just because the baby was so big. They wanted to make sure that everything was going accordingly. The second time around with my daughter I had placenta previa, and up until 30 weeks, I was going to have a scheduled C-section. And at 30 weeks, it corrected itself, which was excellent. I was thrilled that I could have another vaginal delivery, but at the same time a little scared. I was apprehensive because you know there's so many risks of bleeding, and he held our hands the whole way through and said, "You can do this. It's going to be fine. It's up to you." He gave us a choice, but he reassured us the whole time which was very comforting.

Discuss how you and Dr. Kelsey handled your labor pains.

He was very in tune to our plan for my first when I was induced because he was such a large baby, and they didn't want me to go past my due date, which he ended up going past with the induction even. But the whole time with Dr. Kelsey, it was my call: Do I want the epidural? How do I feel? He always checked to see my comfort level. I had a spring baby and a summer baby, and it was very hot both years that I delivered, so he was always checking for swelling, things like that. At the actual delivery, I did choose to have an epidural for both of them. For the second time around they couldn't get the epidural to go. And that was okay. I was dilated at a six at that point. It progressed very quickly to 10. Dr. Kelsey was there the whole way through and asked, "Are you comfortable? Are you okay?"  My second delivery with my little girl was during the Olympics. Her arm presented out first, which was a little scary. But rest assured, he got her positioned properly, and she was doing her beauty queen wave as she was coming out and without having an epidural, the experience was fine. I tell him all the time,  "I think you're like a yoga instructor on the side," because he just makes you feel so calm. You get in that zone, and a miracle happens and you bring those babies into the world."