Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers’ Video

Learn about Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers' unsurpassed commitment to family-centered maternity care.

From the first cry, to the first feeding, to the first diaper change. The first hug, the first family photo, and the first time big brother helps out, The Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial is about much more than just mom and baby. It is where your entire family comes first.

Family-Centered Care

Ann Schneider, charge nurse, says, "The Family Care Birthing Center, we actually adopted that philosophy of the family-centered care mission several years ago. And what we realized is that birth is not just about a mom or just about a baby, it is the birth of an entire family."

As the leader in family-centered maternity care, The Family Care Birthing Center’s mission is to provide a compassionate, family-centered, unique birth experience. 

Dr. Adriena Beatty, an OB at Memorial’s Family Care Birthing Center, explains how the experience truly sets us apart, "I do believe at The Family Care Birthing Center all of our nurses and physicians really try to make sure that the patients have their own unique experience they want to have at The Family Care Birthing Center."

Special Delivery Program

From prenatal education to childbirth classes, The Family Care Birthing Center wants you to be prepared for your new family. Our Special Delivery Program offers pre-admission appointments as well as trimester education and a variety of classes. Nancy Truttmann, a Special Deliveries nurse, explains why this program is beneficial.

According to Nancy, "First of all the patients are stressed and anxious when they come in in labor, and even if they’ve taken classes or talked to someone ahead of time, they’re always worried about where should I come, when should I come? Signs of labor. So we review that a few weeks prior to their due date. If they get educated on too much in the beginning of the pregnancy, they tend to forget it by the time their due date comes around. It helps lessen the fear. Any thing we can tell them ahead is good for them. But doing the medical history is important and really helpful and important to the nurse as well. They come in, and we already know a lot about the patient, and it just lessens the stress on the patient when she’s uncomfortable in labor having to answer a lot of questions."

Choices for Your Labor and Baby

When it comes to having your baby at The Family Care Birthing Center, you have choices: obstetrician or midwife? Medicated or natural birth? Planned C-section? Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? And whatever choice you make, the doctors, nurses, and staff will support you.


If your baby needs special care, The Family Care Birthing Center has partnered with Onsite Neonatal Partners to provide 24/7 neonatology services. Dr. Pat Ittmann is with Onsite Neonatal.

"As a neonatologist and taking care of babies, I’m working in a really large team of people who are nurses from the nursery, labor and delivery, all the ancillary service, respiratory therapy, OT/PT, speech, all those people, social work, are all important to the care of those babies," states Dr. Ittmann.

Support Team

Much like The Family Care Birthing Center works as a team, we want you to have your personal support team. Your partner, children, and parents are invited to take part in this special time.

Renee Junker, obstetrics nurse clinician, said, "We try to promote our staff to be involved in the care of the patient and the family as a group, a whole, and not just the patient individually. And we like to promote The Family Care Birthing Center as a place for families, extended family, all family to be together through the whole process of delivery and postpartum."

LDRP Model at Memorial Hospital East

Dr. Sekou Kelsey said he is excited about the labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) model with patients having the ability to have their stay all in one room without having to be shuffled around.

Patient Recommendation

If you’re thinking about having your baby at The Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial, our patient Talasha Hill has some advice. "As a mother expecting her fourth child, I think as a first-time mother you’re in good hands. I think Memorial Hospital is a great place to have your child. I think it will be a great experience for you and I think you’ll be in great hands," she said.