Onsite Neonatal

Onsite Neonatal

Onsite Neonatal Partners provides 24/7 in-house neonatology coverage to Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers. Onsite advocates for collaboration and communication with physician partners.


A neonatologist is a physician with a sub-specialty in pediatrics who has years of special training in the care of newborn infants, especially those that are fragile, ill, or premature.


Onsite Neonatal Partners will provide the following services at Memorial:

  • Prenatal consults (inpatients and outpatients)
  • Attend all high-risk deliveries
  • Care for all babies requiring intensive and special care
  • Hearing screenings for all babies

You can call Onsite Neonatal Partners at (877) 646-1133 ext. 841 to learn more about their services and to set up insurance and billing information.

You can download this form to start the process of your newborn’s screenings or special needs care before your delivery date.