Special Delivery Program

Memorial's Special Delivery Program offers the convenience of pre-admission and tours of Memorial Family Care Birthing Center prior to delivery and support after delivery.

Special Delivery Program

What is your role as a Special Delivery Nurse?

Special Delivery Nurse Nancy Truttmann explains that they do patient education and pre-admission appointments for mothers delivering at Memorial.

Talk about the Special Delivery Program.

Special Delivery and Labor & Delivery Nurse Susan Heidemann says at the Special Delivery appointment they ask and answer questions, tell mothers what the process will be like, and give moms a one-on-one tour to make them feel more comfortable. They also like to take care of the paperwork prior to labor because sometimes babies can come quickly.

How do moms get involved in the Special Delivery Program?

Nancy said mothers can sign up before labor from a brochure in their doctor's office; they can call in; or Nancy receives their names if they sign up for a prenatal class.

What did you learn from the Special Delivery Program?

Talasha Hill, a Memorial patient, said that she just learned that the baby will be with her the whole time, which is good because they would normally take her baby away right after delivery. She also learned the baby will be right on her chest after delivery, so she could start bonding with her baby immediately.

To learn more about the Special Delivery Program and other classes, please visit memorialbirthingcenter.com/programs.