Specialty Care for Your Baby

Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers offer onsite neonatology care and Nurseries for pre-term and special needs newborns. Learn more about this critical care.

Onsite Neonatology/Level II Nursery

Onsite Neonatal Partners offers 24/7 care at The Family Care Birthing Center.

Dr. Pat Ittmann from Onsite Neonatal Partners explains she is a neonatologist, which is a baby doctor. Her role is to take care of the babies in the Level II Nursery and attend high-risk deliveries to provide care for those babies in the delivery room.

How do you keep parents informed when their baby needs special care?

Dr. Ittmann said it is very important for parents to know what is going on with their baby, and every parent deserves a daily update from the physician.

What other services does Onsite Neonatal provide?

The Onsite team also provides hearing screenings for all babies born at Memorial. This is important because the sooner you recognize a hearing problem, the better the language outcome.

Why is neonatology so rewarding?

Dr. Ittmann explains that when she did a newborn intensive care rotation she loved it. Babies are parts of families, from immediate to extended, all focused around the newborn. To Dr. Ittmann, one of the most rewarding parts is working with these families during a time that's not what they planned and helping them to go home with a baby who's going to do well.